Loisa Andalio tries to explain why she unfollowed Sue Ramirez on IG

Loisa Andalio tries to explain why she unfollowed Sue Ramirez on IG

- Netizens noticed that Loisa Andalio seems to have unfollowed Sue Ramirez on Instagram

- While promoting her concert with Sue, Loisa was asked about the rumor

- The awkward video interview was uploaded online and it went viral

Did Loisa Andalio unfollow Sue Ramirez on Instagram? That is what an interviewer from Push asked the young actress while they were promoting their concert with Maris Racal and Kristel Fulgar.

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KAMI obtained a clip of the interview from Push via Ohania Updates.

Some netizens pointed out that when Loisa was asked the question while standing near Sue, the former was visibly nervous and awkward.

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Loisa explained that she might have accidentally clicked the unfollow button but that she was unsure about what really happened.

Sue also spoke about the issue, saying that she was not aware that Loisa unfollowed her on Instagram since she does not monitor who follows and unfollows her.

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Some netizens theorized that Loisa unfollowed Sue because they were both linked to actor Ronnie Alonte.

“Sa tingin mo may maniniwala sau loisa na napindot mo lng ung unfollow??? wow, dahil lng sa lalake!!! wawa ka nmn, very insecure kc mas maganda at talented c sue sau,” a netizen wrote.

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