Neri tells basher to use real account to criticize her

Neri tells basher to use real account to criticize her

For some people, social media has become a place to release negativity.

They might rant through lengthy posts or they might bash other people for the sake of putting others down.


An accurate description and acronym, don't you think so? (photo credit:

However, there are those who want to air out their opinion regardless of how the other party will feel.

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That was what KAMI spotted (via Fashion Pulis) when a netizen found Neri Naig-Miranda too ‘papansin’ in one of her latest Instagram posts.

It was a clip of the actress-turned-entrepreneur singing while cleaning their house, hoping to wake up her husband and help her.

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Read the netizen’s criticism below.


Is this constructive criticism or not? You be the judge! (photo credit:

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Since Neri is known for firing back at her bashers, this is what she had to say about that comment.


Oooh, Neri got the basher busted! (photo credit:

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