“We don’t practice contractualization,” - SM Investments president

“We don’t practice contractualization,” - SM Investments president

Following the last presidential debates on Sunday where all the five candidates declared their stand against “endo” or “end of contract,” SM Investments Corporation president Harley Sy clarified on Wednesday that they do not practice contractualization, but rather they hire seasonal workers for part-time jobs.

In an annual stockholders’ meeting held in Pasay City, Sy emphasized that they “do hiring for seasons like during the second quarter for school opening.”

The SMIC president further explained that seasonal workers are based on requirements, which could be for two to three months, to augment their workforce during peak seasons, such as school openings or during the Christmas rush.

“This is legally allowed. It’s just like providing part-time jobs. There are seasons when you have to hire more people and we just have to find ways to survive.” Sy added.

SMIC, one the biggest employers in the country, said that as of the last month of 2015, they have 65,436 employees.

According to Sy, less that 1% of this total number are seasonal.

The issue of labor contractualizaiton was one of the major topics raised in the last presidential debates held in Pangasinan, since a lot of Filipinos experience getting hired and then fired after five months, in order for employers to evade having to give government-mandated bonuses and benefits to their employees.

Under the Labor Code, after six months of work, companies are required to regularize their employees, which will make the employees entitled to mandatory benefits.




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