Emblem3 dedicates song to “sexy Filipino women”

Emblem3 dedicates song to “sexy Filipino women”

It’s a dream come true for fans of the American reggae pop band Emblem3, as they announce that they are visiting the Philippines for a series of concerts.

They flew to the archipelago straight from Japan and are psyched to meet their Pinoy fans.

“We heard you guys go crazy, and we’re really excited for that,” says Wesley.

Keaton explains that since the band went independent, the boys are now in full control of what they do with their music and live shows.

“We like to stay connected with our fans through social media. We try to post and reply to as many people as possible.”

Keaton adds that he appreciates the fans. He hints that “if someone comes up to me, I would take time to talk to her.”

“We would give them whatever they ask for. If they wanna make our too…” Wesley trailed off suggestively.

When asked about their latest EP, Keaton’s favorite is “Waking Up” because “it brings a conscious movement to the world. It’s awakening the conscience mind and bringing the world together.”

Wesley prefers “End of the Summer.” He explains that among all the songs in the EP, it sounds the most like the band: “raw, with a big hook. It’s just a great pop rock anthem. And it’s the song of the summer for us.”

Lastly, Drew’s favorite is “Taboo Love” because it’s “funky, sexy and cool.” He says he would dedicate the song to Pinoy fans because Filipino women are “really sexy. So that would make sense.”

The group rose to fame on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. It is composed of brothers Wesly and Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick. They are currently on their Waking Up World Tour.

The Swedish girl band Riot Child is also in the Philippines, and opens for Emblem 3. Amanda, Alice and Hanna Riot have become internet famous for their covers and originals on Youtube. It will be their first time to play for a live audience.

Collectively, their music is influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Charli XCX, Foo Fighters, and Michael Jackson. They also listen to progressive rock.

Their latest single “Never Enough” is a hit and will be performed at the concert. They will also play some new songs from their EP.

These bands are played last night (April 28) at the Mall of Asia Music Hall, and will play again on April 29 at Solar One Boracay. They have, however, expressed their interest in exploring the Philippines and you just might bump into them in the coming days.

Wesley himself encourages fans to freely approach them and interact: “We love our fans. They’re the best. Without them, we couldn’t be doing this. So if you see us on the street, come say ‘hi!’”


Source: Kami.com.ph

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