Donnalyn Bartolome suffers painful & severe eye injury

Donnalyn Bartolome suffers painful & severe eye injury

- Donnalyn Bartolome suffered an injury on her right eye

- It could have been caused either by a scratch on her cornea or the use of an expired contact lens

- Donnalyn also told a story about her friend who went completely blind on one eye due to the same injury that she had

Fans of Donnalyn Bartolome got a big scare after she sustained a serious eye injury which could have blinded her if it was not treated immediately.

KAMI learned about the singer’s injury through her viral Facebook post.


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According to Donnalyn, her friend suffered the same eye injury that she had and that her friend’s eye went completely blind as a result.

“This is more serious than I thought. A friend of mine just messaged me after seeing this post and said that because of an infected/scratched cornea her other eye is completely BLIND. That is the same thing that happened to me. I got lucky :/ She told me to take real good care of my eyes and you should too,” Donnalyn wrote.


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The singer narrated that she cried for many nights due to the pain she felt on her right eye. Thankfully, the doctor treated it before it got worse.

“My right eye was damaged a week ago and I'm just now posting it to say that it's all better!!! I was crying almost every night scared like crazy 'cause my eye hurt and in the morning wouldn't open cause of all the eye fluids.

“The scariest thing, my goodness. Dr. Said not to patch it but he also required me to close my right eye FOR 3 days and just rest after dropping antibiotics because my cornea got scratched But I needed to work(edit, write and email and more) so I had no choice But thank you Lord,” she explained.

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Donnalyn also promised to take better care of her eye and urged the public to do the same.

It seems that the possible cause of the star’s injury was a scratch on her eye or it could also be the use of an expired contact lens.

“I promise I'm all better I don't know why I'm not smiling on the second picture but I thought my hair looked good so that's the picture I chose haha. Anyway, to end this post. BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU USE FOR YOUR EYES.

"May it be contacts or any eyedrop or if you got something in your eye just wash it don't scratch, WASH! and make sure your contact lenses are new and not dried out and that your eye drops are NOT expired. Yun lungsss,” Donnalyn concluded.

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