Former fast food crew member shares story of her success

Former fast food crew member shares story of her success

There’s no doubt that Filipinos are some of the most hardworking people in the world.

Their drive to work is incomparable – some of them turn out to be international and successful figures!


Former fast food crew member shares story of her success

KAMI saw that it might be in Norylyn Samson Bautista’s future, as she has become an inspiration in her own right.

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The 35-year-old from Antipolo City sent in her story, wherein she shared how she was able to finish her studies by becoming a fast food crew member.


Her certificate of recognition from Jollibee. (photo c/o sender)

She worked at almost all of them - McDonalds, Jollibee, Burger King, and Texas Fried Chicken – and even got a gig in Nissan.


Norylyn's certificate of recognition from McDonalds. (photo c/o sender)

Despite juggling her jobs, she was able to finish her studies without dropping any subjects or having a failing grade.

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She took up Marketing at Rizal Technological University and was at the top of her class. Now isn’t that remarkable?


Here is her certificate of recognition for her achievement in school. (photo c/o sender)

Her drive to work hard was due to the fact that she wanted to finish her studies, even if her mother told her to stop for the meantime.

Prior to becoming a fast food crew member, Norylyn also worked as a nanny and house help.

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But it was through her fast food gig that she met her future husband, who pursued her when she was still working at Burger King.

She put off their relationship since she wanted to finish her studies, but fate wanted to bring them back together and they got married in 2013.

Now, they are a happy family with her two daughters.


Here she is with her lovely family. (photo credit: Norylyn Samson Bautista on Facebook)

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Her experience is something all of us can learn from, as the lessons she picked up from her previous jobs taught her the following:

Sa pagiging crew ako natuto maglinis ng tama, mag-ayos at magbilang ng pera, makisama sa mga katrabaho, nahasa ako sa mga interviews sa dami ba nman nila, nagkaroon ako ng confidence sa sarili kasi nakakaya ko pagsabayin ang pag-aaral at pagtatrabaho, natuto din ako humarap sa iba't ibang klase ng tao kaya ngayon sa uri ng hanapbuhay ko ginagamit ko lahat 'yan. The best thing na hindi ko makakalimutan kahit saan fast food "Hi Ma'am/Sir welcome to Jollibee, Mcdo, Texas, Burger King , may I take your order please." At syempre kahit may piangdadaanan ka, dapat naka smile ka palagi.

She is lucky that she did not get sick during this part of her life, considering how hectic her schedule was.

Her hard work has definitely paid off, now that she has a business of her own. What can you say about her story? Let KAMI know in the comments below!

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