These alarming signs might mean you have encountered an energy vampire

These alarming signs might mean you have encountered an energy vampire

We are all energy beings, and when our energy levels are low we seek an outside source to replenish them. If this goes on for too long, the person might turn into an 'energy vampire' without realizing it.

Energy vampires are those people who need to feed on others' life energy to survive. Their own energy levels are low, that's why they are always looking for attention and reassurance from the outside.

Some of the things energy vampires are prone to doing:

Playing victim;

Accepting no responsibility for their actions;

Guilt-tripping or otherwise manipulating others into doing what they need;

Complaining in order to get sympathy;

Gossiping and creating drama;

Not returning favors;

Following the demands of their ego.

So, what might have happened to these people to turn them into energy-sucking vampires? The most typical reasons are:

Neglecting their own needs;

Giving too much of their attention and energy into helping others;

Being neglected as a child;

Traumatizing events such as divorce, a toxic relationship, etc.;

Being surrounded by other vampires.

It's usually easy to feel the presence of an energy vampire by the way you feel around them. The usual signs of being affected include headache, anxiety and stress.

Other symptoms include:

Nausea and stomach ache whenever you are interacting with this person;

Sudden sharp pain around the back, chest, neck or shoulders;

Throbbing headaches;

Feeling irritated, angry or frustrated for no apparent reason;

The feeling of dizziness, as if you are surrounded by a heavy cloud;

Nightmares about this person;

Feeling unexplainable anxiety, stress or guilt;

Tightness in the chest or shortness of breath;

Intuitively feeling uncomfortable around this person.

If interacting with a certain person leaves you feeling at least two of these, there are high chances that you are dealing with an energy vampire. An important thing to remember here is that these are just regular people who are doing it subconsciously and not out of evilness. Anyone could be in their place, so there is no reason to be afraid.

Remember that no one can drain your energy unless you allow them to.

Here are some tips to help you deal with an energy vampire:

Set firm boundaries;

Show some compassion: energy vampires are often unaware of the way the affect others;

Keep a healthy distance;

Try to keep your thoughts positive;

Wear a protective amulet;

Treat them kindly;

Stay emotionally strong and true to yourself.

The more in tune you are with your feelings, the less likely it is you will be affected by an energy vampire. But if you do feel like your energy is being drained, take that as a reminder that you need to take better care of yourself.


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