Kris Aquino learns important life lessons in calligraphy

Kris Aquino learns important life lessons in calligraphy

Kris Aquino takes on calligraphy in the first episode of The Kris List. She used to envy her mom and sisters for their beautiful handwriting.

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First lesson that Kris learned is correct spacing, to which she joked, "wag kang nakakasakal, dapat may space".

Then, Kris admitted that she is not a patient person as she always rushes. However, calligraphy taught her that you need to be patient if you want something beautiful.

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The philosophy of calligraphy is "upward slightly, put more pressure down but always end on a high". Kris loved the phrase "end on a high".She said that we all need some time to pause.

Lastly, Kris learned the meaning behind her name. Kristina means a follower of Christ.

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