This Comparison Will Change The Way You Think About Banana Sundae and Bubble Gang

This Comparison Will Change The Way You Think About Banana Sundae and Bubble Gang

- Two comedy shows back to back in this comparison article.

- We compare the level of humor, segments, comedians and time slot.

- Let's see who gets to be number 1!

Two gag shows from different networks is compared here in KAMI.

Let’s see how these shows perform under these criteria.

1. Level of humor

Which show brings laughter more than the other? Banana Sundae has a variety of segments. One of which is Dyok-Dyokan Na! This is where two teams alternately say jokes about a chosen topic. For example, they make jokes about break-ups.

John Prats: Pare pare, ang lungkot ko. Kase yong girlfriend ko nagtext sa'kin. Pero after five minutes nagtext ulit. Binawi naman niya.

Ryan Bang: O? Binawi naman pala eh. Bakit nakasimangot ka pa rin?

John Prats: Sabi niya kase sa text, WRONG SEND!

In Bubble Gang’s summer episode, jokes of holding hands happened.

[Boy holds girls hands but girl removes it.]

Boy: Oh? Ba’t tinanggal mo? Akala ko ba tayo na dahil may nangyari sa atin kagabi.

Girl: Oo nga pero dapat hindi mo ko hino-holding hands in public.

Boy: Bakit naman?

Girl: Eh alam nila na conservative ako.

Clearly, both shows try their best in creating jokes that will make the audience laugh. In this case, they are a tie.

2. Variety of segments

Banana Sundae’s current segments are Aquino & Abunda Tonight, Krissy TV, Clown in a Million, Banana Classics, Extra Spoof, Make me rap and Oh my shopping! On Banana Nite, one of their numerous segments is Barado Sisters or Hala Bara!

On the other hand, Bubble Gang’s segments varies too. Hugot & Istambay sa Looban are just a few of their current segments.

The million like segments seem too hard to give a verdict. Let’s just leave this on you to decide whose segments are unique, creative and funny.

3. Comedians

Banana Sundae gets one or two guest stars visit their show and participate in their segments.

Banana Sundae VS Bubble Gang

Banana Sundae crew

Bubble Gang has a lot of artists in their show which is a bit too much at times.

Which stars do you prefer? Banana Sundae’s John Prats, Pooh, Angelica and many more or Michael V’s gang?

4. Time slot

Banana Nite airs on Monday to Friday in the time slot 11:15-11:35 pm. On Saturday, it airs on 9:15 pm. Bubble Gang’s time slot is from Monday to Friday as well. The show starts by 10:00 pm.

The later show airs earlier than Banana Nite so this is an advantage to them. If the viewer sees the show and sticks to it through the end, then Bubble Gang might be on the lead here.

Looking at Banana Nite’s time slot, the duration is much shorter than Bubble Gang who starts at 10:00 pm onwards. This is such a let down for it would be great to have the show for at least an hour.

Both shows are neck and neck with this criteria. This is up to you to judge them!

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Banana Split VS Bubble Gang

Banana Split VS Bubble Gang

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