READ: If you are voting for Bongbong Marcos

READ: If you are voting for Bongbong Marcos

EDITOR’S NOTE: The word war between and among vice presidential candidates has trickled down to their supporters. Here is an opinion article from a contributor, Carlos Hernandez. Carlos is a law student from one of the top schools in the country. This is his opinion on vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos and it does not necessarily reflect the views of If you are interested to contribute a different or a supporting opinion on this matter, feel free to e-mail your work to

You are right.

The sins of his father are not his. He should not be made to answer for his father's misdeeds.

Except that he has committed his own sins.

Bongbong Marcos has ill-gotten wealth. He has billions of dollars and he cannot explain where and how he got them.

How do we know that he has ill-gotten wealth?

He admitted it.

In one case, he said that the Swiss bank deposits containing billions of pesos are his. The Supreme Court ruled that these billions of pesos are stolen (or ill-gotten)2 because Bongbong Marcos cannot explain how the hell he became a billionaire.

This not an allegation. This is a fact.

These Swiss deposits are just a portion of the billions of dollars that the Marcos family has yet to return to the Philippine government. We already have recovered some (which just means they really have stolen from us, if at this point you are still in doubt) and there's more that they should be returning to us.

Problem is, Bongbong Marcos does not want to return these billions of money his father had stolen, which in turn, he inherited.

It is not his fault to have a thief for a father. It is, however, his fault if he keeps the stolen money for himself.

If you don’t trust Binay because you think he is corrupt and you don't need a court ruling to tell you so, all the more that you should not put your trust in Bongbong Marcos. At least Binay never admitted the corruption charges against him (he evaded them!), and the courts have yet to rule on his guilt.

Bongbong, on the other hand, admitted that he has ill-gotten wealth and there's a final Supreme Court ruling declaring that his wealth is not his, it is ill-gotten, and must be returned to us.

So what do you expect he'll do once he is in power? He will fight tooth and nail just to protect his ill-gotten wealth. Remember that in case of death of the incumbent President, the Vice President takes over.

You may say that these stolen billions are too abstract for you, that their effects are too remote to your daily concerns, that you can forgive Bongbong for it. Abstract does not mean harmless. Abstractness has been used by kleptocrats to escape accountability. These billions could have been free tuition or free medicines. Janet Napoles’ stolen billions were also abstract for you but your blood boiled when you saw her daughter Jeane having the time of her life celebrating her birthday party lavishly. Be consistent with your rage.

You are right.

At some point, we have to move on.

If someone snatched your phone and the policeman told you to just move on, I think that’s an experience worth not moving on from. You will rant the hell out of it on Facebook.

How can we "move on" from the kleptocracy that Ferdinand Sr. has perpetrated on us, when Ferdinand Jr. himself keeps clinging to that mountain of money. He embraces it every night, checks on it if it's still there, uses it to impair our memory of the dark days when people were tortured and billions were stolen.

Imagine the snatcher of your phone, clinging to your phone, using it, viewing your photo gallery, and texting your friends with it. The only difference is that Bongbong Marcos keeps billions of public funds, not your phone.

Let him return the billions first. Only then can we talk about moving on.

This is unlike the presidential elections wherein, admittedly, we are confronted with difficult choices.

There’s someone among the vice presidential candidates who is not tainted even with mere allegations of corruption. It is an easy decision not to vote for someone who will keep protecting his billions of ill-gotten wealth.

If you hate this government, please don't take revenge by electing Bongbong Marcos. You will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

It will be a slide from purgatory to hell.



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