Jealous Erwan asks for photo with crush after seeing Anne’s with another man

Jealous Erwan asks for photo with crush after seeing Anne’s with another man

- Anne Curtis’ obsession over K-actor Gong Yoo has gone viral

- Even her boyfriend Erwan caught wind and got jealous after seeing a sweet photo of her and Gong Yoo

- In return, Erwan requested for photos with Jessica Alba and the products are hilarious

By now, everyone has a clear idea on just how obsessed Anne Curtis is over Korean actor Gong Yoo.

To recap, the ‘It’s Showtime’ host has shown her admiration towards the ‘Goblin’ star after (and even during!) watching the K-drama series. There were even instances when she tried to reenact some of the scenes from the show and uploaded the stills on her Instagram profile.

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But just like any fangirl out there (yes, even Anne undergoes this phase in life), the stage where they like to put their face right beside their crush has already arrived. Hence comes the numerous edited and photoshopped photos from supportive fans!

Anne even called herself the Goblin’s Bride. Do you now understand just how head over heels she is for Gong Yoo?

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With her fascination becoming viral, it’s no longer a surprise that even her soon-to-be husband caught wind of the situation and spotted this very ‘intimate’ snap of her and the K-actor.

Call it jealousy or name it as an act of revenge, but Erwan seems determined to have his own photo with his own crush who is no other than Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.

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His plead didn’t go unheard and a lot of netizens took the time to edit photos of him and Jessica together. Erwan was even game on replying to some of the fans who tweeted him their own masterpieces!

It looks like this couple is seriously on another level when it comes to fawning over their crushes!

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