Meet #PaoCia, the newest love team we'd vote for

Meet #PaoCia, the newest love team we'd vote for

Move over #KathNiel, #LizQuen, and #AlDub, there’s a new love team in town!

 During this campaign period, Daang Matuwid’s presidential candidate Mar Roxas and vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo have been together most of the time. They also brought their families with them to join them including their sons and daughters.

Last month, actors Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, or more commonly known as #KathNiel, also showed up in Cebu City to help in one of #RoRo’s campaigns. Tricia Robredo, Leni Robredo’s daughter, showed her enthusiasm and delight upon meeting KathNiel in Cebu by posting a photo on her twitter account along with Paolo Roxas, Mar’s son.

Kathryn and Daniel may be the stars in that photo, but Tricia and Paolo both shine bright together in their yellow colored shirts. In another photo, Tricia and Paolo both look giddy and intimate while bein on “fan mode” for their parents. Don’t they look good together?

Just recently, Tricia Robredo have reunited once again with Paolo Roxas and even posted a photo with Mar’s son as they represent their parents in Ateneo. These two are both smiling really big, aren’t they?

Fans agree that they do look good together as a couple. Thus the start of a new couple hashtag: #PaoCia. A lot of new fans are expressing that these two are perfect match!

#PaoCia has also been compared to be the next #AlDub! It must be an honor to be compared to one of the most viral and globally known Filipino love team in our time.

#PaoCia fans are shipping this new love team. They have tweeted their overflowing support for Paolo and Tricia.

Perhaps they’re just too busy campaigning for their parents, but we do hope that after the election period, they would try their hand at dating. We will surely vote for them to be the next love team.

Don’t forget to make #PaoCia trend!




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