Traffic enforcer in Iligan City allegedly issues ticket to policeman for illegal parking

Traffic enforcer in Iligan City allegedly issues ticket to policeman for illegal parking

- A traffic enforcer was caught on camera allegedly issuing a ticket to a policeman for illegally parking on the highway

- The incident took place in Iligan City

- Many netizens applauded the traffic enforcer but others argued that cops should be allowed to park along the highway in case of a need to respond to an emergency

Some policemen in the Philippines like to act as if they are kings. However, cops in Iligan City seem to be of a different breed as evidenced by this viral photo.

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The photo was obtained by KAMI from the Facebook page called Asenso Iliganon via Dash Cam Diaries Philippines.


“No one is above the law! A traffic enforcer in Iligan issues a ticket to a police parking his police car illegally along the highway,” the netizen who shared the photo wrote.

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Many netizens applauded the traffic enforcer for her courage.

“Kudos,to you traffic enforcer!!!! Hope when the payment will be due,the exact amount will be Walay pabor pabor.very discouraging if they will just be given a slap on the wrist,” a netizen commented.

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However, other social media users said that policemen should be allowed to park their police cars on the side of the highway in case there is a need for them to respond to an emergency.

“Gusto mo nga dapat na ilagay sa strategic location ang police cars para in case mag kahabulan or any responde, makakalabas agad,” a social media user pointed out.

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