Andi Eigenmann on Jake Ejercito: 'I was a victim. A victim of abuse by you, Jake'

Andi Eigenmann on Jake Ejercito: 'I was a victim. A victim of abuse by you, Jake'

After Jake Ejercito accused Andi Eigenmann of slandering him and his family, the actress decided to fire back and throw some new accusations at him.

KAMI learned about Andi’s shocking statements from her Twitter and TwitLonger posts as reported by

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Andi clarified that her accusations were against Jake only and not his family.

“First of all Mr. Jake Ejercito, it was only u and not the rest of ur family members that I was pertaining to. I dont care about your family to have to talk about them, I care about your true intentions for trying to take my child away from me.”

She also responded to Jake’s previous statement that he repeatedly tried to settle the matter with Andi in private.

“Second of all, I reached out to you, countless of times but your ego was just way more impt to you than your child. If someone from your side did reach out, it has always been your sister. Just her. And NEVER you. Masyado ka kasing mataas.”

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Andi also accused Jake of abusing her. The actress did not clarify what kind of abuse she suffered but some netizens believe that she was pertaining to psychological and emotional abuse.

“I was a victim. A victim of abuse by you, Jake. That caused me so much pain that Ive already gone past.”

She also alleged that Jake’s only concern is his public image.

“Stop accusing me of playing victim each time I voice out how I feel… Im just no coward like you. Your response has just proved me right. You really only do care when its your image at risk.”

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Andi also spoke about Emilio Arambulo, her new boyfriend.

“I may have found a better man for me, but that doesn't make you less of a person either. I guess we just weren't meant to be. Which is why, I also never want you to think that just because I have met the man of my dreams, it doesn't mean that he's taking your place in my child's life.”

Andi then gave an explanation about the times she canceled Jake’s visit to their daughter Ellie and their past disagreements about his visitation rights.

“I wouldn't take my child away from a father that loves her dearly. When I say she cant, due to previous engagements, its true. And you choosing to never believe me, is on you.

"Jake, if I ever said things to make it seem like I was gonna take my child away from you. That was cus I was hurt, and sad, and i loved you.

“Please realise that now that Ive no feelings for u, ive grown to be mature enough to make decisions solely for the well being of my child.

“Because while I gave up on our relationship, I will never give up on you as a dad."

Andi concluded that she is hoping that they could both learn to forgive each other for their mistakes.

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