Man covers wife during an ambush that killed them

Man covers wife during an ambush that killed them


You will have nothing but admiration to this couple that signified eternal love.

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A former official of the Philippine Coast Guard and his wife died in an ambush in Tondo, Manila on April 18. Archie Hicban, former PCG commander in Naga, Camarines Sur, and his wife April died at the scene from gunshots to the body.

Witnesses claimed that Archie embraced his wife to shield her from the bullets. Police is still investigating the motive of the incident.

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The couple’s sister posted on Facebook how her brother Archie protected his wife from the gunfire.

Last April 19 (7am), I received a call regarding a news report about my sister in law. The news stated that my Ate was ambushed in her car in Tondo Manila, together with an unidentified male driver who was covering my Ate's body. I already knew at that point that it was you, Kuya. I already knew it was you who would be there to cover Ate April's body during that ambush.

An hour later, I received a confirmation that it was indeed you, Kuya.

It was the most painful moment in my life so far. I felt my emotions burst at once- sadness, anger, regret. I couldn't control them for a long time.

I was and still am at the lowest point in my life. But every time I hear the story of how you proved your love to each other until your very last breath, my emotions instantly die down. It makes me very proud that you are my Kuya.

Growing up, my 2 brothers wanted to follow my father's foot step. It was an inevitable path. But that path was not an easy one. As sons of a general, their training were much more harsher than others because of big expectations from them. But eventually, through perseverance and hard work, they were able to enter military service, and fate led my Kuya Archie to serve the coast guard. This year, my Kuya was expecting his promotion as Major, after 10 years of service.

Kuya, I am very proud of you. Until your last moments, you guarded your wife well. You are very lucky to have such a supportive and loving wife by your side until the very last minute of your lives.

I love you Kuya Archie and Ate April. May you Rest In Peace. You can finally share your eternal love up there with our Lord.

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