Netizen slams dog and cat cafe for not properly treating animals

Netizen slams dog and cat cafe for not properly treating animals

- A Facebook user shared his experience after visiting a dog and cat cafe in Quezon City

- The netizen expressed his disappointment over the alleged improper treatment of thee animals in the cafe

- The user called for the attention of the management of the cafe

For animal lovers, a cafe with our dear furry friends is heaven.

However, KAMI spotted a Facebook post of a netizen who visited a cat and dog cafe in Quezon City but was more than disappointed with the situation of the animals.


Photo from Wilbert Francisco

Netizen Wilbert Francisco posted photos of the dogs in the cafe and wrote:

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"Please take your time to read this post.

If you guys know, and i think you would. I am a dog parent and a self proclaimed animal lover. I would share every animal related videos online. I had visited few dog cafes because as i said i love dogs. But this one is WAY DIFFERENT AND SHOCKING. Heres the story.

My friends and i decided to visit this cafe in cubao called bengal cafe / wolves and bears. ( There are three of us and this cafe is both a dog and cat cafe ). Upon entering we noticed that the smell is kind of foul. *much different from other cafes i visited* we ignored it because we thought its "normal". We noticed that the prices are a bit higher than the usual dog cafes we know. ( and again, we ignored it due to the excitement to see the dogs. )

We paid 399 per head for 2 hours in the dog and cat area, that includes the cakes and the drinks.

As we enter the cat and dog area, we are asked to remove our shoes and wash pur hands, and we did.

To make the long story short, we didn't stay on the cat area and immediately transferred to where the dogs are.

(This is the shocking part.)

The dog area is divided in to 2 sections. Downstairs are the large breed dogs , and upstairs are the small breeds. As we enter the large breed section, i feel like i was in a zoo. The dogs are caged individually, specifically the alaskan malamutes and the huskies, and on the other corner are the few St. bernards and a New foundland. (This is kind of really off for me )

We asked the crew:

Me: kuya, pwede ba pumasok? (The huskies area)

Kuya: di pa, dapat nga may drinks na kayo bago pumasok dito.

Me: okay. ( pero wth!? We paid for that so whether may drinks na kami or wala, dapat pwede na kami pumasok) but i did not ague and observe the place further.


Photo from Wilbert Francisco

We head up stairs (dahil dun daw yung dining area, at don iseserve yung food namin). I am shocked because the first dog in the picture was the first thing i saw. And if you'll see the picture, SHE IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL!! This Havanese dog lost her fur and looked much different than her photo posted outside the cafe. This moment, i am really unhappy and skeptical. I examined this dog and got a tick on her probably three. I checked her ears and i also took a photo of it. Her ears are full of parasites and shes looks very depressed.


Photo from Wilbert Francisco

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I immediately asked the crew for the manager of the store. Napakabastos nya akong sinagot na WALA DAW YUNG MANAGER AT SILA NA DAW ANG BAHALA DON, WTH!?? (sa garapata sa tenga nung dog) These dogs looked like they haven't took a bath for a long time. This made me really angry. There are several dogs upstairs, Italian Greyhound, Jack Russel, Pekingese, Bichon frise and a Poodle.

I even checked the area if they have this thing attached to the wall so the dogs can drink on their own. AND UNFORTUNATELY, WALA.

We went downstairs to check the condition of the dogs, and yes, they looked unhealthy too. MUKANG ANG TAGAL NG DI NAPAPALIGUAN,

Fur are all Matte. (I included the photo of the St. Bernard which i think has a bad skin condition, i am not a vet, so diko alam kung anong tawag don, but i looks bad)


Photo from Wilbert Francisco

We head back upstairs so we can finish our food and leave. THEN THIS HAPPENED, (mejo kadiri to) the Bichon Frise pooped, and the Pekingese immediately run to his poop and ate it! WTFF!!! Nagulat kami so i ran in to the dog, para hilahin at ilayo sa pupu, i even shouted para may umakyat na crew to clean up the poop and the dog na nakakain ng poop, bit he did nothing mejo nakakain na yung poot dog ng poop and i dont how often this happen. But this is a sign na gutom yung mga dogs, and they are desperately wants to eat.

I cant believe that they are earning money because of these poor animals, yet they cant even give them a proper attention these animals deserved.


Photo from Wilbert Francisco

Made me feel bad, because this is where my money goes. I am subconsciously supporting the people behind these inhumane management.


Disclaimer: This story was taken from Facebook and does not reflect the views and opinions of KAMI.


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