James Reid on Nadine Lustre: maybe she “is just what I need”

James Reid on Nadine Lustre: maybe she “is just what I need”

On the recent episode of ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda,’ James Reid addresses questions about his bashers and why he deserves to be with Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre has shared a few days ago that she fears James Reid’s fans. She’s afraid that she might get attacked online or that when she goes outside that someone would just pull her hair out of nowhere. Apparently, James Reid is also receiving some criticisms from Nadine’s fans.

Boy Abunda brought up some issues on his show ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda.’ The talk show host asked James regarding his stand on the criticisms he’s been receiving from his bashers, particularly about him being a “wild party boy” who doesn’t “deserve Nadine.”

The “This Time” lead actor answered the issues, he said: “Well, I do love to party and I’ve had a long party streak, and I get where the bad boy thing comes from. But, ah, maybe Nadine is just what I need.”

He followed up with a question: “Can you hate me if I’m wanting to have something that’s good.” Boy answered: “No, and we’re happy for you. We’re happy for you. We’re happy for Nadine and we celebrate love and we continue to support you as fans, as viewers.”

In a separate video, James was also asked about his ex-girlfriends. Boy went in and asked the real question he’s been meaning to ask, which was about the incident where his recent ex-girlfriend was being bashed by James’ fans. James also shares how he deals with his bashers. “For me, there’s not much you can do about it. Me when it comes to bashers, I don’t even give second thought to it.”

Boy also commended the actor for his outlook on these things. He applauded James for not focusing on the negative. “It doesn’t really get to me. I mean because I really can’t please everyone,” James Reid stated.



Source: KAMI.com.gh

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