Ecstatic passenger shares unexpected 'kilig' moment on Uberpool

Ecstatic passenger shares unexpected 'kilig' moment on Uberpool


Photo credit: Uber

- The future, they say, holds all the mysteries of the world

- Everything is a surprise waiting to ge unwrapped so you never know who you'll meet until you meet them

- This is, in fact, what happened when a netizen rides an Uberpool only to find the surprise of his life

As Uber and its its shared ride version, Uberpool, become more popular, more and more people become interested.


However, for every successful venture, competition crops up and as Uber's competitor, Grab, takes its share of the market, Uber has found some sort of gimmick.

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In a recent post made by Uber via Facebook, they shared, through a video, the 'nakakakilig' Uber moments shared by a netizen via Twitter.

The netizen, identified as AJ Tabangay, apparently got the surprise of his life after meeting the person who's sharing his ride.

In his screaming-inside-my-head kilig moments, AJ turned to Twitter and shared his feelings online.

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Read on and hope for your own Uber kilig moment!

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Uber has made a video, featuring this encounter. Watch and share your thoughts with us!


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