PNOY: Remember Martial Law, Don't Vote Marcos

PNOY: Remember Martial Law, Don't Vote Marcos

President Benigno Aquino III believed that if Filipinos only remembered the human cost of Martial Law, they would not vote for Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

He stressed the importance of informing  today's generation of voters, who did not experience life under Martial Law, making them more vulnerable to the effects of Marcos revisionists.

In a press forum as reported by GMA News Online, Aquino said: "And then they will answer, I believe the question in this manner: Should we allow an opportunity, even vague at this point in time, for somebody who does not recognize the mistakes of that past to be in a position to commit the same mistakes somewhere in the future? And, I think, the answer will be a resounding no."

In the Pulse Asia Survey released last March 22, Marcos is currently leading the vice presidential preferential survey, sharing a statistical tie with Senator Francis Escudero.

Despite international and local accounts detailing the cruelty under Martial Law, Marcos has gone public that he had nothing to apologize for, as reported by GMA News Online.

Considered the darkest time in Philippine history, many has raised their concerns over Marcos's denial of his father's atrocities.

Early in March, more than 400 professors from the Ateneo de Manila University publicly condemned the Senator for "willful distortion" of the nation's horrible past, as reported by the Philippine Star.

Photo accessed from Philippine Daily Inquirer.




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