4 instances of cheating in showbiz that will break your heart to pieces

4 instances of cheating in showbiz that will break your heart to pieces

- Love, they say, should always come with pain for it to be called love. What happens when the pain eats at you until it kills you and the relationship?

- In one of the story posted by Kami.com.ph, a man named Sedric had gotten so angry with his wife, after she had a miscarriage which killed their baby, that he turned to womanizing until it was too late

- While it is okay to get mad, especially if you are the aggrieved party in a relationship which is going through a rough patch, there are instances when forgiving will make it all better, before it is too late

In fact, what most people would remember would be the people who had committed the 'sins' and not the victim of the cheating or even what happens later.

In hopes of uncovering lessons in relationships shadowed with infidelity, KAMI.COM.PH rounded up some celebrity cheating stories which ended in regret of one or both parties.

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1. Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence

The cheating story in the Katrina-Kris relationship is unconventional in every sense. While most men cheat in a relationship, Katrina had been the one who strayed, and Kris, unlike most men who was cheated on had expressed his support for her instead.


Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence

"'Shake' I'm here for you as usual if you need somebody to talk to, a shoulder to lean on. I'm here and no matter how long it takes I will be here for you," Kris Lawrence had promised. The two eventually ended their five-year relationship but had made amicable arrangements over their daughter, Katie.

2.Timothy Tan and Sunshine Dizon

Timothy Tan's infidelity had led to the dissolution of a six-year marriage. Timothy's affair with a certain Clarissa Soriano Sison was made public after Sunshine Dizon posted a series of photos and quotes on Instagram.


Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan

Six months after the separation, Timothy had given a public apology which goes like this, "With profound remorse, I sincerely apologize for the pain and embarrassment I have caused my wife Sunshine and our two children. I deeply regret having been the cause of their suffering."

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3. Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo

The love story of this pair has weathered several cheating episodes including the controversial scandal which featured Hayden Kho in 2009 and another alleged infidelity issue which dragged Nancy Castiglione and Al Galang in a Twitter drama in 2012.

“I feel deep remorse. I know it’s too much to ask for forgiveness right now, pero sana someday people will learn to condemn the sin and not the sinner. The filming of an intimate, strictly personal, and private act is most unfortunate and truly regrettable, and I sincerely apologize for the harm it has done to other parties. I must emphasize that there was no malice on my part, or intention to hurt anyone with these recordings,” Kho explained. Kho who has had his medical license revoked had already had it reinstated. He now lives with Vicki and their adorable daughter, Scarlet Snow.

4. Wally Bayola and Riza Ruen Bayola

Comedian Wally Bayola can most definitely declare himself to be a lucky guy. Amid the controversial relationship with EB Babes dancer Yosh Rivera, made worse by the release of a video scandal, his wife had decided to stay by his side and keep the family intact.


Wally Bayola and Riza Ruen Bayola

"Ganun talaga pag pamilya yata, e. Kailangan ganun kayo ka-intact. Ganun, sama-sama kayo, sa hirap at ginhawa, kumbaga.Dapat ganun," Riza had said as an explanation. She shared that she has forgiven the cheating pair, and had showed support for Wally all the way.

A netizen had claimed that Mrs. Bayola’s decision did not come as a surprise to many housewives. Maybe it wasn't, so the issue was left to take its natural course until it eventually died. Wally had been reinstated to the primetime noon show Eat Bulaga and the issue was forgotten.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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