Raymond Gutierrez’s unbelievable body transformation shocks netizens

Raymond Gutierrez’s unbelievable body transformation shocks netizens

- Raymond Gutierrez used to be overweight

- However, he decided to quit excessive drinking and to start working out

- His body transformation shocked the online world

It is never too late to change your life for the better. Raymond Gutierrez amazed netizens by showing photos and videos of his drastic body transformation.

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KAMI readers, you might also get inspired to go to the gym and work out as soon as possible after seeing Raymond’s new body!

“Everyday I work hard towards my goals. It hasn't been easy, but every little change I see in my body keeps me motivated. Work in progress,” the TV host said.

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The transformation is amazing not only for the amount of fat that was shed, but also for the amount of pure muscle that he gained.

Many netizens were extremely impressed by Raymond’s achievement.

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I was so shocked when i saw you, CONGRATS!!! Job well done,” a fan posted.

Other netizens also commented that they will now have a hard time distinguishing Raymond from his twin brother Richard because both of them have a fit body now.

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