UPDATE: Inspiring fish vendor from Cebu... Replied to our story! Here is what she said to KAMI readers!

UPDATE: Inspiring fish vendor from Cebu... Replied to our story! Here is what she said to KAMI readers!

Dear readers, we are happy to tell you that amazingly inspiring ex-fish vendor from Cebu who made her family's dreams come true Regine Villamejor replied to our story!

We were happy to see the comment from her real Facebook account near our post.

So, thank you, Regine, for reading us!

This inspiring girl left KAMI readers her special message and we can't help posting it for all of our readers.

Actually, Regine Cañete Villamejor left 2 messages for our readers. So we post them here.

We are sure, they are going to inspire you no less than they inspired us!

So, here is her message (that includes both her story and her wishes to netizens)!

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Credits: Inquirer.net
Credits: Inquirer.net


Para po sa inyong lahat :) Ito po yung caption ko sa profile pic ko matapos ko pong malaman na magna сum laude po ako. �

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Villamejor, Regine C.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Commerce major in Communication and Marketing (A.B. in LIACOM)

Proud daughter of a fisherman & a fish vendor


My mother would always tell me "Ate ang edukasyon rajud ang bugtong butang nga mapamana namu ninyung mag- igsoon. Wala mi nakahuman ni papa nimu sauna tungud sa kawad-on. Kamu nalang tuman sa among mga pangandoy. Buhaton namu kutob sa amung makaya makahuman lang ka ug ang imung mga igsoon." These words from my mother serves as my inspiration in chasing for my dreams.

It was not so long ago when my college journey began. I entered the portals of USJ-R with nothing more than a dream. A dream for myself and for my family. And today, I stand as a survivor wearing my best OOTD (the green toga), armed with values, skills, and knowledge to bring me closer to the real world. This is an achievement that my parents and I have truly earned after all the pain and sacrifices that we've been through. There are times wherein I was about to give up, but I learned not to be afraid and to move forward, because I know that God is just right beside me all the time.

I want to thank my mentors for being a good example from whom I learned a lot. To my relatives, friends, close friends, treasured friends and to all the people who are part of this success, THANK YOU for always motivating me to chase for my dreams no matter what.

And to my parents, WE MADE IT! ☺Thank you so much for not giving up on me. Graduate najud ta ma, pa. Yahoooooooo! Hahaha!

Most of all, I thank the Almighty God, the creator and originator of everything in this world for constantly guiding me throughout my journey.

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To all the people who will be reached by this post, never stop chasing your dreams. Where there is love, passion and determination, you can never go wrong. Just be optimistic, no matter how complicated the situation may be. Being optimistic would help you get out of the bumpy road mostly during the times that you nearly want to give up. Most importantly, no matter where life takes you, keep your feet grounded and always have the sense of character in you because it would surely bring you to the best destinations.

God bless us all and Adelante!☺

Credits: Regine Cañete Villamejor
Credits: Regine Cañete Villamejor

And here is her second message (left several hours after the first one):

Hello po :) Salamat po sa inyong lahat. Kung hindi rin po dahil sa parents ko di ko po matutupad lahat ng ito. Laban lang po tayo para sa pangarap. Huwag ikakahiya kung saan tayo nabubuhay. Lahat tayo may karapatan pong mangarap. ☺ And most of all don't forget to pray and thank God for whatever blessings you have right now. :)

I am and will always be a proud daugter of a fisherman and a fish vendor! ☺�


Please, leave your comments and proud Filipina, who is also a proud fish vendor, will see them!

Thank you!

God bless!

Please, share your story!
Please, share your story!


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