Robi Domingo’s intense push-ups will inspire you to work out

Robi Domingo’s intense push-ups will inspire you to work out

- Robi Domingo showed off his push-up abilities on social media

- Aside from doing the average exercise, he added a little twist to make it more challenging

- Fans were amazed on how toned and strong the TV host is

In this generation obsessed with looking good and feeling the part, it is very rare to come up with a celebrity who doesn’t hit the gym or at least exercise these days.

We’ve seen numerous incredible transformations so far, and Robi Domingo is among the top in our list.

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Gone were his totoy days when he was still a housemate on ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’ Now, the widely acclaimed TV host has matured – in mind, heart, and muscles.

In one of his recent uploads on his social media account, Robi demonstrated just how stronger he has become when he flaunted some push-up skills he acquired.

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He first challenged viewers by asking if ‘they can do’ what he was about to show – which is an average push-up. But before he even managed to get to the good part, a friend of his pushed him away and did some push-ups but twice as fast!

Of course, Robi wouldn’t allow himself to be defeated so he kicked the man to the side and proceeded to exercise but raised the bar a little bit.

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This went on for two more rounds until Robi injected some more stunts. Just to warn you, it was not for the faint hearted.

Fans found the humor in his short video and shared how it ‘completed their day’ and made them smile.

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That was some serious effort, Robi! You just gave us another reason to have a huge crush on you!

If Robi is capturing the hearts of Filipinos, then this young boy is captivating everyone in the world! Check out his story below.


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