10 Ritemed jingle covers that will make you smile

10 Ritemed jingle covers that will make you smile

- The Ritemed ad has become a nationwide LSS because of its catchy tune

- Netizens have made their own covers

- People from other countries have also noticed the jingle as well

Who knew that the simple Ritemed ad would become so famous?

Their simple yet catchy song to the commercial has captured the Philippine audience.

Apparently, it has also reached people from other countries. Here are some of the funniest and awesome covers we’ve seen so far.

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10 Ritemed jingle covers that will make you smile

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1. Commercial Parody

What’s more fun than a guy with a mustache imitating Susan Roces in a blue women’s top? Check out the extra guys who also seem to had some fun during the shoot.

2. Singing fail

This started out as a song cover but the end part will make you laugh out loud.

3. Acappella

Singing group Acapellago sings the Ritemed jingle in perfect harmony.

4. Beyonce dancing!

Leave it up to Filipinos to create instant memes that will make you burst out into laughter.

5. Amazing piano cover

How about this gloriously sounding piano version of the commercial jingle by Chan Donasco?

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6. Lloyd Cadena's dance version

Famous online personality Lloyd grabs his group to perform the famous Ritemed song.

7. Dance duo

The dance moves are simple but these two can be the next Moymoy Palaboy.

8. Dynamic dance

What makes this dance incredible is the fact that he's wearing a lab gown and doing all sorts of crazy dance moves.

9. Dance Remix!

This guy turned it up to the highest level by performing a remix of the jingle! See him twerk:

10. Drum cover

A Canadian drummer even made an awesome cover of Ritemed!

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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