Look at Amarah's adorable mini-performance before bedtime!

Look at Amarah's adorable mini-performance before bedtime!

- Amarah Khatibi captures the hearts of netizens with her mini-performance

- Cristine shared the adorable incident on her Instagram profile

- The comments section is filled with praises of how the little girl is the ‘cutest’

Performing anywhere and anytime is probably a skill kids possess naturally. Whether it be in a public place like a restaurant, or in the privacy of their home, children are bound to release their creative and movement juices by singing and dancing.

Take it from Cristine Reyes-Khatibi’s firstborn, Amarah.

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The almost 2-year old girl seems like she just drank a cup of coffee after seeing how hyper and lively she is performing just when it’s supposed to be bedtime.

Cristine shared the cute and heartwarming incident on her Instagram profile, which already gathered over 50k views.

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That’s a huge number for an effortless performance! In fact, Amarah is already lying down on their mattress and is comfortably dressed in her sleepwear while doing a mini-number from one of the songs she learned from school.

Amarah even got the “Oh no!” part on point!

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Of course, fans just found another reason to find the young lady more adorable than before. Netizens flooded the comments section with compliments such as how Amarah is the ‘cutest,’ and how they’re incredibly fond of her adorable antics.

Some considered viewing Amarah’s short performance as a great way to end the day and even thanked the toddler for the good vibes she’s brought.

Cristine’s family has been making a huge noise on social media lately with how she and husband Ali take the time and effort to spend quality moments with each other despite their busy schedules.

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Seeing as to how some people work hard to live a happy family life, it is extremely stressful and hateful that others are out there to kidnap children.

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