Nadine Lustre, afraid of James Reid’s fans

Nadine Lustre, afraid of James Reid’s fans

Nadine Lustre expressed her fear of James Reid’s fans during their “JaDine In Love Special” Sunday episode.

On Last Sunday’s “Jadine In Love Special, ” the real life couple Nadine Lustre and James Reid was touring more places in London. James introduced Nadine as his girlfriend to his mother, Ella Mcdonald.

During that episode, Nadine also confessed something that she’s afraid of: James Reid’s fans. She said: “Minsan natatakot pa rin akong lumabas kasi feeling ko may sasabunot sa ‘kin anytime.” (Sometimes, I’m still afraid to go outside because I feel that someone might pull my hair.) Nadine explains why she’s afraid of James’ die hard fans: “Kasi you won’t believe kung gaano ka-grabe ‘yung iba pong supporters sa kanya. Like they would go crazy just to ask for a photo and just to see him. So parang nakakatakot baka awayin ako or something.” (Because you won’t believe how intense his other supporters are. Like they would go crazy just to ask for a photo and just to see him. So I’m scared that they might attack me or something.)

Nadine’s concern is based on how ‘Jadine’ supporters have acted in the previous months since they have announced that they are officially a couple. Last March, when some of ‘Jadine’s’ fans found out that Ericka Villongco was James’ ex-girlfriend, they immediately stalked her online. Not only did they stalk her, but also some of their supporters posted hateful and inappropriate comments on some of her posts. The bashing continued until Nadine Lustre told Jadine fans to “spread LOVE not HATE. Stop bashing JaDines” on her Twitter account.

In a similar case, when a viral article about “How to be Nadine Lustre” came out, James immediately called out the publication and the writer who wrote it. James takes offense on how the writer completely missed the mark on how he fell in love with Nadine. JaDine fans also took action by angrily demanding an apology from the publication and writer and even made the writer’s name trend on Twitter.


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