Netizen grossed out over Dutch Mill after horrible experience

Netizen grossed out over Dutch Mill after horrible experience

- A netizen was shocked on how their Dutch Mill contains disgusting and icky substances

- Franchesca Brown shared that her daughter complained of the drink tasting bad

- She has reported it to the Monde Nissin Company who gave a quick response to her complaints

A netizen learned the rough way that posts on social media about having disgusting contents in their drinks are not merely pure gimmick all the time.

Franchesca Brown took her sentiments to Facebook when she and her daughter tasted a carton of Dutch Mill only to find that it tastes weird and horrible – extremely different from what it was supposed to be.

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At the beginning of the clip, Franchesca described how the yogurt was her daughter’s favorite; with the little girl even drinking it daily. However, the child approached her about the odd taste of one particular box and claimed that it smells fishy and even tasted bad.

After confirming it herself, Franchesca proceeded on opening the box and was shocked on the contents of the beverage.

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Although it has yet to be identified, the solidified and icky substances inside the carton was clearly not what was expected to be out from a yogurt drink.

Franchesca and her daughter could not help but voice out how grossed out they are, with Franchesca concerned for her child’s welfare and banned her from purchasing and drinking anymore Dutch Mill.

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She clarified that she didn’t upload the video and photos just for fame nor attention, but to bring information that these things do happen in real life.

Furthermore, her disappointment over the company behind the popular drink has brought her to send a complaint regarding the incident. Thankfully, the Monde Nissin Company was quick to reply and has set an appointment on picking up the rest of her products for more observation.

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Franchesca urged parents to be more vigilant when it comes to allowing their children on drinking from boxed products in order to avoid similar mishaps.

What do you think would be the sassy reaction of the Pinoy Catwalk King to this?


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