Beware of popular fake Leni Robredo Facebook page

Beware of popular fake Leni Robredo Facebook page

Congresswoman Leni Robredo’s rise in surveys has seemingly caused a rise in black propaganda against her as well. A fake page run by opponents of Leni Robredo called “Leni for Vice President Movement” has been posting fallacious images and quotes on Facebook. These have circulated on social media and are being used as black propaganda against the vice presidential candidate.

It started off with sharing positive news articles on Leni from reputable sources. However, it eventually began posting pictures filled with quotes attributed to Robredo that she never said.

Examples of the page’s false quotations are the attack against Senator Grace Poe:

“She had once renounced her citizenship and turned her back on her country and its people, she doesn’t deserve it. POE doesn’t deserve to be President for being disloyal to the PH.”

Here’s one defending Kris Aquino, who recently attracted nationwide scrutiny for the use of the presidential chopper:

“Sa aking palagay, MARapat, matuwid at karapatan ni Kris na sumakay sa presidential chopper dahil kapatid naman niya ang Pangulo at isa siya sa pinaka mataas ang binabayad na buwis.” (In my opinion, it is Kris’ right to ride on the presidential chopper because she is the sister of the President and she pays a substantial amount of tax.)

The last example isn’t as damaging, but is false all the same and curiously reminiscent of a presidential candidate’s words:

If you’re not voting for Mar, don’t vote for me.”

These are then captioned with various hashtags so as to disperse the photos faster and more efficiently.

It has also posted pictures of fake celebrity endorsements.

“Leni Robredo for Vice President 2016”, a reputable support page, recently released a public service announcement, urging viewers to avoid the page at all cost. It provided the link to Leni Robredo’s official page, and promoted its own as sources of reliable information.

Furthermore, the page reminded everyone to stay vigilant, as other black propaganda pages were sure to continue to proliferate, especially in the heat of election season.

The facebook page, seemingly only several days old, has accumulated 3,259 likes. As of this moment, it is still in operation and is still posting misleading statuses meant to discredit Leni.

Beware of popular fake Leni Robredo Facebook page

With only a few days left before the elections, voters are encouraged to stay on guard and refer only to trustworthy sources of information – not just for Leni Robredo, but for all the candidates.



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