Ex-husband tries to kill ex-wife after divorce

Ex-husband tries to kill ex-wife after divorce


- A divorced man tried to kill his ex-wife by hiring a hitman and putting poison in her toothpaste

- The ex-husband searched for ways to kill his wife using his computer at work

- He instructed the hitman not to mind even if his children is present during the attempt

A man searched for various methods on how to end his ex-wife's life who divorced him.

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Staci Wortman is brushing her teeth every morning, but one particular she tasted something different in her toothpaste. The product caused a burning sensation in the mouth and headache. Her kids also complained of the same reaction. Thus, Staci reported the incident to the police.

A few weeks after the toothpaste incident, the police informed Staci that they received a tip that Staci’s ex-husband, Fred, had used the computer at his work to search how to hire a hitman using the digital currency, Bitcoin, as well as the different kinds of poisons. They claimed Staci could be the target.

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However, the evidence on hand is not enough to pin down Fred, so the police planned an entrapment operation for Fred. An officer pretended to be a hitman and responded to Fred’s search.

Fred handed money and instructed him to kill his estranged wife. This is enough to put Fred behind bars with 10 million pounds as bail. Fred pleaded guilty of attempted murder and received 30 years sentence.

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