Aiza Seguerra to Duterte fans: be responsible

Aiza Seguerra to Duterte fans: be responsible

On April 25, Aiza Seguerra posted a series of photos on her Instagram account urging her fellow Duterte supporters to become responsible voters and stop online harassment and bullying.

 It is a known fact that this election season has brought out the best and worst in people. Friends are unfriending each other on Facebook, families have become divided in their political views, and people have suddenly become preachers of their own truth in social media. While all of these are happening, there are also people who engage in healthy intellectual discourse by listening to the other’s side arguments before commenting on why they agree or disagree.

But on the other side of the coin is an ugly side that people have shown online. Die-hard fans of certain presidential candidates have taken it a bit too far by cyber-bullying, spamming and trolling, and even resorted to messaging death threats to anyone who opposes their chosen candidate.

Aiza Seguerra speaks out in behalf of her fellow Duterte supporters to stop this vicious and cruel behavior online. The artist posted a series of Instagram pictures expressing her sentiments for Duterte supporters to read.

She first posted a screen shot of a note she did on her phone with the message: “Inuulit ko po, sa lahat ng mga maka Duterte. Hindi makakatulong kay Mayor ang irresponsableng pag share at pag post ng mga bagay na hindi totoo. Hindi rin lalo makakatulong ang pakikipag away sa mga taong hindi pumapabor kay Mayor. Lahat ng ginagawa natin, pwedeng nag reflect kay Digong. Let’s all be responsible supporters. Salamat po.” (To all those voting for Duterte, I am repeating this once again. The irresponsible sharing and posting of false things won’t help Mayor. Picking a fight with those opposed to Mayor won’t help either. Everything that we do may reflect on Digong. Let’s all be responsible supporters. Thank you.)

Lastly, Seguerra posted a photo of Duterte with the esteemed Karen Davila including Mayor’s exact words defending Davila. Duterte voiced out that Davila was not biased during the last leg of the presidential debate last Sunday. He said that he “never got offended during the debate.”

Seguerra’s caption for that photo applies to everyone and not only Duterte supporters: “Stop the insult, the hate, the bashing. Exercise discipline.

Ipakita niyo na kaya nating magbago!!!“ (Stop the insult, the hate, the bashing. Exercise discipline. Let’s show that we can change!!!)




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