Mom feeds moving worms to child

Mom feeds moving worms to child

- Parents are expected to provide nothing but the best to their children

- This mother shocked many after she was seen feeding live worms to her child

- Find out the real reason why she did such thing

Viral videos of irresponsible parenting are increasingly being exposed more in social media. Through this platform, some children are saved from violent or irresponsible parents.

One example of this is the viral Facebook post from a Thai page featuring a mother feeding his son a bowl of disgusting moving worms. In the video, the kid seemed to just accept the food that is being out to his mouth by his own mother.

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It was noticeable that the worms are still alive as they were still wriggling on the bowl.

Many netizens expressed their disgust and anger towards the mother for doing such bizarre thing to her own child. While they claim that the worms are extremely disgusting, they feared that these worms might have harmful effect to the child’s health.

A user named Ellah Neng Pael Yungao called the mother a crazy woman while user Tub J. Muas questioned the capability of the mother to support her own child.

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“This kid is probably an orphan. They’ve probably fed her worms which is why she didn’t know. Whoever films this wants attention so bad, I hope that they get in trouble for it,” said Thoj Lis.

Apparently, the kid in the video was not eating actual earthworms but a kind of sea worm called “nyale” that is considered a delicacy in Indonesia.

Asian netizens who noticed the hate comments immediately clarified that the sea worms are healthy and safe to be consumed by anyone. Indonesian people even believe that eating nyale will give a person more blessings.

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Tell us what you think about these netizens who immediately accused the mother of being irresponsible without fully knowing the story!


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