Black propaganda letter against Chiz, exposed

Black propaganda letter against Chiz, exposed

Journalists assigned to cover noteworthy occurences in House of Representatives of the Philippines have received letters filled with black propaganda against vice presidential candidate Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero.

The envelopes are from Watch Vice Incorporated, Mercantile Insurance Building, General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila.

The contents of the envelope contain a bookmark made out of paper, with the words “Yes sa Yosi, Yes kay Chiz!” (Yes to cigarettes, Yes to Chiz!) printed on the surface. The back is emblazoned with the words “Babae Alak Sugal Yosi” (Women Alcohol Gambling Cigarettes) is written repeatedly.

This is not the first time black propaganda against the candidates have been sent to the journalists. Black propaganda letter such as these have been sent in the past, targeting Senator Bongbong Marcos, Senator Miriam Santiago and others.

A disturbing increase in all forms of black propaganda have been observed as the election draws nearer. The candidates have taken note of this, and some have issued statements on it.

The candidates have taken note of this, and some have issued statements on it.

In the presidential debates, Santiago brought up the rumors on her health and dismissed them as black propaganda, insisting that she was already back to normal and ready to lead the country.

A month ago, the camp of Marcos warned the public against individuals or groups seeking contributions in behalf of the senator or the Marcos Foundation, as they have not authorized anybody to do so. They ask that "[a]nybody claiming to represent us should be denounced and reported to the authorities as this is once again part of the black operations and demolition drive launched against BBM.”

Fellow vice presidential candidate Congresswoman Leni Robredo has also fallen victim to black propaganda attacks, this time on social media. It is orchestrated through a fake Facebook page that claims to be a supporter spreading misinformation and false quotations.

She alluded to this a few days ago, when the congresswoman defended Duterte against allegations of his son harboring a smuggling ring in his hometown. She stated that when she gained traction and favor, all sorts of rumors sprouted about her, none of which were true.  Robredo appealed to voters to only go to verified sources as well as seek factual bases for any new information.



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