Twitterverse answer #SingleAkoKasi

Twitterverse answer #SingleAkoKasi

- Clever netizens took to Twitter to update their Valentine status

- Love Radio Manila DJ Lloyd Cadena’s #SingleAkoKasi official hashtag is on trend with the whole Twittersphere tweeting what makes them single this season

- Below are some of the funny and deep hugot tweets many can relate to

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#1. I'm always the best friend. Never the girlfriend.

#2. Bakla yung crush ko at may boyfriend pa siya. :(

#3. Masyado akong maganda.

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#4. I always fall for the wrong person.

#5. Mas pipiliin 'ko pang matulog keysa sa mahulog.

#6. Food is life.

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#7. I'm still waiting for science to find a way to make fictional characters real.

#8. I need to love myself better. After I gave so much love away, it's time to give myself the love it deserves.

#9. I've been hurt before, can't afford to be with the wrong person and be hurt again.

What about you, why are you single?

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