Vivian Velez, Liza Diño-Seguerra hit the President and sister Kris over chopper issue

Vivian Velez, Liza Diño-Seguerra hit the President and sister Kris over chopper issue

Duterte advocates Vivian Velez, Liza Diño-Seguerra slam PNoy and Kris for allegedly misusing the presidential choppers.

Celebrities Vivian Velez and Liza Dino voice out their disappointment over the alleged PNoy and Kris Aquino’s misuse of the presidential chopper during their political rally in Cebu.

This post surfaced the social media podium as netizens air their disapproval on the alleged presidential sister Kris Aquino’s “misuse and abuse” in using the presidential chopper for the Liberal standard bearer Mar Roxas and running mate Leni Robredo.

Report says that the Kris Aquino together with his brother PNoy first rode the chopper for an inauguration of a solar plant in San Carlos Ecozone, Brgy. Ounao, Negros Occidental. They were reportedly seen after the choppers flew to Dalaguete, Cebu. From there, they took the land going to Argao, Cebu wherein Roxas and Robredo were present.

In an LP campaign in Bulacan, Kris responds to the allegations.

Here, she defended her brother and told the press people that as a member of the presidential family, she has the right and privilege to ride on the presidential chopper.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook status posted by Liza Dino, she said: ‘This is THE DUMBEST ANSWER a president can ever say to address a national issue concerning misuse of taxpayers’s money!!!”

“Pero bakit wala kayong imik ngayon? (Why don’t you say a word?)’’

“Hindi ba ito issue?!? (Isn’t this an issue?)”

“Bakit? Dahil nakaka-relate kayo sa kanya? (Why? Just because you can relate to her?)”

“Ganito din ba katindi ang sense of entitlement ninyo that you don't see anything wrong in this picture? (Is your sense of entitlement so high that you can no longer see anything that’s wrong in this picture?).”

“Wow, bigyan nyo naman ng dignidad yung pagiging ANTI-DUTERTE nyo. (Wow, why don’t you try giving some dignity for being ANTI-DUTERTE?).”

“Nawawalan ng bearing dahil pagdating sa issueng ganito, tameme kayo. (Direction is lost because when it comes to issues like these, your tongue backs out)."


Vivian Velez, Liza Diño-Seguerra hit the President and sister Kris over chopper issue

In a different post by veteran actress Vivian Velez, which has now been deleted, she reiterates Kris Aquino’s photos while jumping off the presidential chopper.

Velez said, “Something's wrong here... 5 Government helicopters used by Kris to campaign for her candidates. Kaban ng bayan? Pwede ba 'to? (...Government funds? Is this allowed?)”

The actress has also changed her profile picture and has been actively endorsing the Mayor.

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