Bianca King addresses her bashers on Imelda Marcos picture controversy

Bianca King addresses her bashers on Imelda Marcos picture controversy

Last week, Bianca King posted a controversial photo of herself with the former first lady, Imelda Marcos on her Instagram account.

Bianca King was seen last week posing with the infamous Imelda Marcos. She uploaded the photo on her Instagram account and also shared how she is a first time voter and even asked her followers who they’re voting for. The actress captioned her post:“"The true, the good and the beautiful" one of the lines I remember from the documentary "Imelda" by Ramona Diaz.?always fascinated with Philippine history and politics. Especially this election because I am a first time voter. I watch speeches and interviews of all the candidates during my free time. Who are you voting for?”

Some followers answered the actress with who they’re voting for, but Bianca didn’t quite expect the other comments she would receive from some of her followers. From answers to Bianca’s query, some comments escalated to criticism towards the picture posted. Bianca was even called “stupid enough to post this pic.”

Bianca could not resist addressing her basher and confidently defends her choice of posting the picture.

While Bianca received a lot of disapproving comments from some of her followers, she also had loyal ones who defended her from these bashers who said that “everyone has the freedom who they want to vote” and that “opinions are given freely.”

The comments section on her post exploded with more fighting between bashers and followers on the accuracy of Philippine history during Marcos’ time, senseless bickering between fans, and if Bianca was voting for Bong Bong Marcos this coming elections.

Once and for all, Bianca ended her case and shuts down all of her bashers by saying that she only had her “picture taken with somebody famous” and there’s no other reason behind it.

What are your reactions on Bianca King posting a photo with the former first Lady, Imelda Marcos?




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