Top 6 answer the toughest questions in crucial portion of pageant

Top 6 answer the toughest questions in crucial portion of pageant

Now that the Top 6 have been announced, it is expected that they will participate in the question-and-answer portion.

The questions came from Eskim users and each beauty queen will be given 30 seconds to deliver clear and concise answer.

Here is the gist of the queens' answers to their quite difficult questions:

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1. Philippines - Maxine was the first to answer, who was asked what was the most significant change she has seen in the world for the last ten years. She replied that seeing all Filipinos gather for this event is already such an experience for her.

Miss Universe Philippines starts the important event. (photo credit:

2. Kenya - Mary Ester followed suit, who asked what she is excited about Donald Trump's regime as the new USA president. Although she struggled at first, she was able to redeem herself by saying that he has united the country although most Americans were not fond of him.

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Miss Universe Kenya gets serious on her answer to her question. (photo credit:

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3. Thailand - Chalita was the first to use an interpreter and answered the question on who she thinks is the leader, current or past, that she admires the most. Her response is almost a given - the King of Thailand. His Majesty has worked tirelessly for his nation and has already become a father figure to them.

Miss Universe Thailand has a little moment before Steve asks her the question. (photo credit:

4. France - Iris was the second to use an interpreter and was asked if countries have an obligation to accept refugees or not since there has been a crisis regarding them for the past year. For her, every country has their right but Europe has open boarders. She aims that her country will have the most globalization or exchange of people. Having open boarders mean that everyone can travel more through the world to learn what is out there for us.

Miss Universe France explains her answer in detail while Steve listens on. (photo credit:

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5. Haiti - Raquel is the third not to use an interpreter and was asked what she would fight for if she was present in the march where millions of people fought for their rights as human and as women. Since Eleanor Roosevelt is her role model, she will fight for human rights as there is only one species of human that need and respect each other.

Miss Universe Haiti gives more details about her answer with Steve. (photo credit:

6. Colombia - Lastly, Andrea was the last to answer where she also got an interpreter. Since violence continues to be prevalent in society , she was asked what she can do about it. She did not deny that it was prevalent in her country, it is up to us, more so leaders, to focus on campaign, respect and inclusivity to able to have a social transformation that will educate our children.

Miss Universe Colombia goes on detail about her answer with Steve. (photo credit:

Did their answers blow you away or left you hanging for more? Let us know in the comments what you thought!

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Top 6 answer the toughest questions in crucial portion of pageant


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