Dawn Zulueta calls celebrity bashers “imbeciles”

Dawn Zulueta calls celebrity bashers “imbeciles”

Early morning on April 26, Dawn Zulueta called people who bash celebrities “imbeciles” on her Twitter account.

After Bianca Gonzalez got fired up and decided to call out her bashers for calling her daughter “negra,” Dawn Zulueta shows her support to her friend by re-tweeting an article about that incident. Dawn also lost her cool and expressed her outrage to these bashers by calling them “imbeciles” for thinking that “celebrities aren’t real people.”

This tweet came only after a few hours when Dawn received negative criticism from her online followers for being allegedly being biased and that she’s endorsing a certain candidate for presidency. Twitter followers have criticized the actress after she has been very vocal online during the final presidential debate.

Dawn Zulueta repeated her tweet and even translated it to Filipino to make sure that everyone would understand.

Dawn started her live tweets with adoring the “kinship” between Miriam and Duterte. Applauded Grace Poe for appealing to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte regarding respect for women.

She posted live tweets while she was watching the Pilipinas Debates 2016. In her defense, she posted her unbiased and objective reactions to each presidential candidate. Dawn tweeted the good points in all the candidates during their closing statements: Duterte for being “very clear about his good intentions,” Miriam for being “determined to lead the country,” Binay for “reminding us of his track record as mayor,” Roxas for his “fight for decency,” and Poe for her evident “heart of gold.”

In the end, she reiterates that she is still undecided. That may be the reason why she’s not getting why people are criticizing her for endorsing a certain candidate because she has fairly represented them all in her tweets.

To her followers, the actress advises everyone to practice courtesy and compassion.

But for these “imbeciles,” Dawn advises her bashers with a recent re-tweet to “read a book you idiot.”



Source: KAMI.com.gh

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