This video of a gay netizen preaching about love is going viral

This video of a gay netizen preaching about love is going viral

- Inah Evans posted a video on Facebook while she’s inebriated

- In the video she preaches the hard truth about accepting the fact that people choose to let go

- The post is slowly going viral as netizens can totally relate

Filipinos have the term “hugot” that they frequently use in everyday language. It literally means pull out something and it’s used as a joke nowadays that connotes that someone is pulling out emotions deep inside them.

It has been widely used by popular people, in pop culture, in and in everyday lingo.

Memes and videos have also been made by normal netizens to express their hugot lines and share it on social media.

This video of a gay netizen preaching about love is going viral

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A netizen by the name Inah Evans shared a video on Facebook that is slowly going viral. Evans is drunk in the video and preaching about love and relationships.

He starts it off by saying that we always know the things and people that will leave us and that we just feel that they may not leave us.

We feel that they love us so, therefore they won’t leave us.

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“Tapos kapag nawala, aagawin mo pabalik, (Then if they’re gone, you’re gonna still them back)” Evans added.

He reiterates that reality and life isn’t like that. Evans advises that if you truly love the person, you have to fight for it and don’t take them for granted. Don’t let them be loved by someone else.

Evans’ most impactful words were “Hindi lahat ng tao sa mundo ahas, may nagkataon lang na sinayang mo yung pagmamahal tapos minahal siya ng tama. Babawiin mo ngayon dahil minamahal siya ng iba.” (Not everyone in the world is a snake, you just wasted your opportunity to love the person and he/she eventually got loved right by someone else. You’re going to steal them back now that they’re being loved by a different person.)

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The truth in his words have resonated with so many netizens and it has been viewed by almost 7 thousand people as of posting.

Netizens applaud Evans for his truthful words of wisdom even if they’re painful to hear.

Hear his wise words below:

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