Video went viral: Wedding guests bully Chinese bridesmaid. How is this possible?

Video went viral: Wedding guests bully Chinese bridesmaid. How is this possible?

- Chinese wedding traditions have often gone to the extreme

- In this video, a Chinese bridesmaid is being s*xually harassed by the wedding guests

- The bridesmaid is seen simply smiling and playing along

Chinese wedding traditions have been known to be weird and very extreme.

In this video, a group of Chinese male wedding guests are seen s*exually harassing the bridesmaid.

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Wedding guests bully Chinese bridesmaid
Wedding guests bully Chinese bridesmaid (Screenshot taken from Youtube)

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The men violently try to grab her private parts as she lays down on the bed.

The bridesmaid is trying her best to protect her dignity, but cannot do anything but play along.

The men simply continue trying to grab her, laughing and taking videos.

Traditionally, Chinese bridesmaid are the subject of all kinds of harassment. Guests often force them to do s*exual acts or to do extreme things.

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Previously, a bridesmaid died from overdrinking because the guests forced her to consume an insane amount of alcohol.

It has become so extreme that bridesmaid for hire has become a profession in China.

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WATCH the harassment below:

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