Pinoy's airport proposal to girlfriend of four months goes viral

Pinoy's airport proposal to girlfriend of four months goes viral

- Social media has become an avenue for couples to tell their story before leading to their marriage

- This Pinoy won the hearts of netizens with simple but sweet proposal to his girlfriend at the airport

- Raquel Panganiban, the girl in the video, shared her modern love story which most netizens can relate to now

Social media has made everyone put in more effort on what they post online, since it will serve as a portfolio on how they want others to view them.

While that kind of mindset has its pros and cons, there are instances that all of our hard work on looking good online pays off.


Pinoy's airport proposal to girlfriend of four months goes viral

One of the posts people work so hard on are wedding-related photos and videos, which start from a man’s proposal and end with his honeymoon.

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Since Filipino men have become more creative with their wedding proposals, there are others who have not only have stepped up their game but also have a story to tell.

It should already be a given that love stories are unique on their own way, even if there are times it might be similar to others.

This Pinoy, who goes by the name Victor, made waves when he proposed to his girlfriend of four months at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) - Terminal 3 since their love story is not one you have not read in romance novels yet.

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Here is the story of Raquel Panganiban, also called Raqu, who shared her modern romance tale on the description of their video.

“You can’t marry a guy you just met.” A famous line by Princess Elsa from Disney’s frozen. Apparently I didn’t take her advice and decided to get married in an instant. It was on the 10th of October 2014 when my boyfriend of 4 months made a big surprise proposal for me at NAIA terminal 3. I don’t have any idea that this man has the courage to do this in front of many people. He hired 2 camera man, a light man and a guitarist. He just arrived in the Philippines 5 days from my arrival and admitted that they didn’t have enough time to prepare. I remember myself while on the plane talking to my two seat mates; they easily notice me that I’m being restless and began asking me why, I told them “this will be my first time to meet this guy that I’ve been dating for the last 4 months”. With eyes frowned one of them asked me “How can that be?” Then I started telling them our story.
I was a nurse in Saudi Arabia at Khamis Mushayt and he was from Jeddah. A friend of mine introduced me to him through Facebook. It was the last week of May and from then on we spoke to each other for almost every day. I was in a place wherein nurses are not allowed to meet with other people outside especially guys so we spend time with each other thru skype, Yahoo Messenger and Facetime. Talking with Him was my most favorite time of the day. We did easily get along well with each other and we really enjoyed spending time with each other. We watched movies together and sing together at karaoke in youtube. As weird as it seems but it wasn’t long before we both realized that we like each other so much, he courted me and we became a couple after a month. We both planned that we will be seeing each other in the Philippines during He’s vacation and he will be the one to pick me up at the airport. While stating our story my two seatmates where very attentive and with excitement they told me “good luck” and hope that our relationship will work. For they know that this is not an ideal kind of romance that most of the people wants.
As I was heading through the way outside of the airport I noticed so many people at the lobby, then laughing I told to my companion “May shooting pa ata”. While I was approaching, my heart was pounding heavily when I saw my name written on a big folder held by unfamiliar faces of some children. Then they suddenly lift the full message, it says “Raquel Panganiban will you marry Victor?” I was so shocked I couldn't even say a word. Me, being a shy person I really don’t want the attention of a lot of people. But this happened! Haha Well, thanks to all the people there I still did manage to say yes. Looking at this guy as charming and as handsome as he was I didn't even felt that we just met in person. For me it feels like I have known this guy for a very long time. Now we are happily married and even though we know that our story together has just started we believe that with the help of God we will be able to work this out. Forever married, forever together that’s going to happen for sure. ^_^

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Here is the clip of Vic’s simple yet sweet proposal to Raqu, which is guaranteed to warm your hearts.

It has been over two years since they got married and we hope that their union is stronger than ever now they are bound for life.

Although their relationship prior to marriage is shorter compared to some, we have no doubts that their love is as strong as celebrity couple Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano, who were together for over seven years before they tied the knot.

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