Father and daughter passengers curse taxi driver who refuses to wait for them

Father and daughter passengers curse taxi driver who refuses to wait for them

- A video went viral on social media showing father and daughter passengers who cursed a taxi driver

- The passengers asked the driver to park outside a drug store and wait for them but the driver refused, sparking a heated argument

- Netizens were enraged by the passengers who cursed and called the driver "tanga"

A video circulating social media left netizens enraged when a father and daughter passenger cursed a taxi driver who refused to wait for them.

In a video posted by Ahyen Ledesma on Facebook, a taxi driver was seen having a heated conversation with a father and daughter passenger who instructed the driver to bring them to a drug store, park outside, and wait for them.

The driver refused and asked the passengers to alight the taxi after receiving foul words from them. The passengers cursed the driver and even called him "tanga", saying that they have the money to pay him.


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The driver and the passengers got ut of the taxi and continued their argument outside, drawing attention from bystanders.

Netizens were enraged by the passengers' improper way of talking to the driver. One Facebook user commented:

"Yabang mo te. Parang walang pinag aralan. Walng galang sa mas nakakatanda. Nawa'y karmahin ka. Bastos!"

Passenger posts video on Facebook

Another angry netizen commented:

"Grabehan sa ugali ang mag ama kung makasigaw kay kua taxi driver kala nila personal driver nila yung tao, the mere fact na pwede naman makiusap nang maayos sa driver but instead niyabangan pa nila yung driver at tinrato nang hindi tama, very bad girl."

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One user wished the driver well, saying:

"Hello manong driver. Sana madami pang sumakay sa inyo. Lintek tong mag ama na to eh."

The video already gained almost 600K views in less than a day.

Watch the videos here:


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