Dancing Pinoy sabungero video goes viral

Dancing Pinoy sabungero video goes viral

- A cocky but hilarious Filipino sabungero has become a viral sensation

- The Pinoy went viral after dancing in front of his defeated opponent to mock him

- However, the defeated opponent showed patience despite being mocked by the dancing sabungero

A hilarious video clip showing a Pinoy competitor dancing in front of his opponent to mock him after his rooster was defeated in cockfighting went viral.

Dancing Pinoy sabungero video goes viral (Screenshot from Facebook)

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The video shows the hilarious man dancing while the two roosters were fighting.

After his rooster won, the Pinoy decided to go in front of his defeate do opponent, put out his tongue, and increase the intensity of his dancing in order to further humiliate him in his defeat.

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Fortunately, the defeated foe did not lose his patience and even shook the hand of the cocky

The crowd members were loudly shouting and laughing throughout the match and netizens seem to have enjoyed his performance as well.

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Nakakabwisit ang lalakeng ito pero hindi ko maiwasan matawa kasi hindi bagay sa sabong yung mga sayaw niya,” a netizen pointed out.

(That guy is really annoying but I cannot help but laugh because his dance moves are so inappropriate for cockfighting.)

Other social media users also applauded the defeated opponent for being a graceful loser.

Ayus ganito dapat sport di yung mainit ang ulo at namamaril or nanununtok dapat masaya lang enjoy WiN or LOSE ganun talaga,” a social media user commented.

(This is how games are supposed to be, the competitors are patient and they enjoy themselves, win or lose.)

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