Snake spotted on cargo hold caused flight cancellation from Oman to UAE

Snake spotted on cargo hold caused flight cancellation from Oman to UAE

- Emirates Flight EK0863, which is from Oman to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, got cancelled last Monday

- The reason for the cancellation was due to a snake being spotted by the baggage personnel in the cargo hold

- The circumstance was almost similar to Samuel Jackson’s cult film ‘Snakes on a Plane’

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There are times that reality takes after fantasy when we least expect it, meaning that some of the things we see in television or movies may happen in real life.

Such was the case of this flight from Muscat, Oman, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which was cancelled due to what was found inside the cargo hold.


Snake spotted on cargo hold caused flight cancellation from Oman to UAE

Last Monday, January 9, a serpent was spotted by the baggage handlers before passengers were able to board the aircraft.

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Khaleej Times, a UAE-based newspaper, also reported that the flight only pushed through once the snake was removed and a rigorous inspection was conducted.

They were also able to get a statement from an airline spokesperson, who added that the engineering and cleaning teams were also hard at work ‘to clear the aircraft to re-enter service’.


The actor has acquainted himself well with the creature as he attended the film's premiere with one.

Although it has its similarities to Samuel Jackson’s hit film ‘Snakes on a Plane’, we are glad that the passengers were able to travel safely with the snake completely removed from the plane.

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However, that is not the first instance that a snake was smuggled inside the plane as it was found on the overheard luggage compartment of the cabin.

This happened on a commercial flight in Mexico last November, which startled its passengers as it felt like a scene out of the 2006 cult film.

Let this remind us that although others might find these creatures as their companions or pets, they are still dangerous to be lugged around everywhere. Just look what happened to this man when he attempted to have a selfie with a snake!

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