Netizen shows off amazing body transformation

Netizen shows off amazing body transformation

- A netizen shared how he achieved his #bodygoal

- Facebook user Tom Reuh Cayat Tacwigan posted a photo of his former chubby body to his new hottie figure

- Tom encourages netizens to practice eating clean and doing exercise

It's the first month of the year and some of us might have already plotted our New Year's resolution.

Facebook user Tom Reuh Cayat Tacwigan proudly showed off on social media a photo of his once chubby figure that turned into a well-chiseled body and narrated how he was able to achieve his #bodygoal.

He wrote in the caption:

"Here's a shoutout to all the New Year's Resolutioners out there.

I remember in the first month of going to the gym, I was too afraid and conscious. However, my willingness to lose weight is bigger than my fear of being laughed at in the gym. Besides, everybody in the gym is there to get better and to feel better. Not to judge each other's form or stare at other [people]."


From chubby to hottie (Photo from Tom Reuh Cayat Tacwigan's Facebook account)

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Tom also stated words of encouragement for those who are planning to start to get in shape just in time for the new year. He added:

"All I can say is enjoy your journey! Seriously, it'll be the best thing that will happen in your life."

"If you have friends whose new year's resolution is to lose weight and still feeling self conscious in going to the gym. Tag them bellow. Thus, losing weight is not a silly resolution [by the way]. If I can do it I'm sure you can too."

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Tom further encouraged people to practice eating clean and having a healthy lifestyle. He wrote:

"I'm doing this cause I know how it feels to be fat and my friends kept on forcing me to 'share my story'. Although, I support the campaign on showing love to all shapes and sizes. We must start eating clean and exercising not just to look good but to actually feel good."


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