How to Teach Your Non-Photographer Boyfriend to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

How to Teach Your Non-Photographer Boyfriend to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

  • These days having a well-curated Instagram feed falls on who will be the one to take the photo and sometimes the responsible to make you the shots is your boy but he doesn’t always get the perfect frame

Don’t be afraid and better prepare yourself to have some fun and spend an entire day with your boyfriend while you teach him how he has to take you the perfect photo that will make your Instagram feel like it was in the hands of a real pro of the photography.

1. Show him pegs

The first thing you have to do is give him an idea of how exactly you want your shot to be taken so all he could have some ideas and these will make things easier, not only for him but also for you.

2. Introduce him to your favorite IG users

Tag him in your favorite fashion bloggers' posts or maybe even browse through various well-curated feeds together. The more he becomes immersed in the world of Instagram, the more he gets it. And who knows, if he's really into learning, maybe he'll even follow some of them.

3. School him on the basics of photography

In iPhoneography you have to tap on the preferred subject, hold 'til its on focus, and then click to shoot. He doesn't have to learn about the peture or the whole shebang, he just needs to know enough to not end up with blurry photos all the time.

4. Be patient with him.

The world of photography is a bottomless pit, there's just too much to learn, so don't get mad if he doesn't get it for the first time. With patience, he will soon, so be a darling and stop nagging.

5. Take his photos, too!

Take the initiative and shoot him a double tap-worthy photo that he can also post on his Instagram Turn it into something that you both enjoy doing.

6. Acknowledge it every time he takes a great photo.

Saying something as simple as "thank you" will go a long way. It will not only make him feel validated, it will also motivate him to improve his photography skills and do better shots in the future.

If all else fails, remember: he's your boyfriend and not your paid photographer! The most important thing is to enjoy spending time together.


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