5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend

They say that honesty is the best policy. Can this saying also be applied when it comes to love and relationships? Is it really always best to be honest and truthful about everything to your partner?

It is truly ideal to have an open and honest relationship, but most of the time the truth hurts more than you can bare. A bit of white lie wouldn’t hurt the relationship, well, just as long as you don’t get caught.

Here are some of the things that you should never ever tell your lover:


1. “I hate your mom.”

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend


You have found your soul mate or your one true love in your current partner but then you meet his mom and you wonder how your adorable partner came from such a monster. After that terrible dinner party, do not utter these words to your lover: “I hate your mom.” You may think you’re just trying to be open, but you are actually ripping yourself apart from him. You are eventually making him choose between you and his mom. Just keep mum about it.


2. “The real reason behind my last breakup …”

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend

We all tell our partners about our exes at some point, either because we just want to or he asks us about it. It’s perfectly normal to tell him about your ex, just don’t overdo it. Don’t tell him how you used to have the perfect dates, how romantic he was, how great his parents are. Most importantly, don’t tell him the real reason why you broke it off, or why he broke up with you. It would only make him wonder if he can live up to your expectations and it would just put great pressure on him.


3. “I’ve had many sexual partners before you.”

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend


Do not in any circumstance tell your current boyfriend about your sexual partners from before. Those stories are appropriate for telling your girl friends and not your boyfriend. He would just constantly compare himself to your other sexual partners. Or worse, he might get insecure if he’s not that experienced yet.


4. “You’re not great in bed.”

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend

Men are highly sensitive when it comes to the matters of the … bed. They will take things heavily if you tell them they’re not good enough. Despite your best intentions on telling him those, save yourself from endangering your sexual relationship with your boyfriend by not telling him about it. If you weren’t satisfied after the deed, just encourage him and give him some tips on what you like so that the next time, he’ll get it right.


5. “I don’t like your friends.”

5 things you should never ever tell your boyfriend

The greatest mistake you could tell your beau is to tell that you don’t like his friends. You might not like his friends because he becomes a different person when he’s around them or his friends are too immature. Just keep it to yourself first. Get to know them more and put an effort in getting to know this other side of your partner. You are lucky enough to see this other side of him because he is letting you in his life that no one else knows.

Ultimately, these are lies you will tell him to protect your lover from the truth and to protect your relationship. Some truths don’t deserve to be exposed out there in the sun; some need to be hidden in a safe place somewhere dark.

Do not think of these as grave sins to your partner; just think of these as your first impressions. You never know when these things you dislike will win you over sometime in the future. Maybe you’ll get along well with your lover’s mother and friends. Maybe he’ll eventually be great in bed.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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