Asian farm girl wrestles with giant cobra

Asian farm girl wrestles with giant cobra

- A video of an Asian farm girl interacting with a gigantic king cobra has gone viral

- The crowd watching her were visibly scared but amazed at her effortless skill

- Despite their amazement, netizens urged the public to avoid interacting with venomous snakes

Netizens were shocked and terrified by an unbelievable viral video clip showing an Asian girl effortlessly handling an enormous king cobra at a farm.


Asian farm girl wrestles with giant cobra (Screenshot: Facebook)

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The video shows the girl displaying her talent in handling the deadly reptile in front of an amazed but scared group of individuals.

The girl first handled the scary snake while it was on the ground. But things got even scarier when she started to carry the reptile on her arms.

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The deadly cobra then showed its awesome length by lifting up its body, opening its mouth and hissing at the people.

Many netizens urged the girl to be extra careful when handling the animal.

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“Naku po mag alaga ka na lang ng aso o pusa kaysa cobra. Kapag nakagat ka niyan ay maghanap ka pa ng ospital na may anti-venom,” a netizen wrote.

(You should consider interacting with a dog or a cat instead of a cobra. If that bites you, you would have to find a hospital that has an anti-venom serum.)

Other social media users also theorized that the cobra had already been defanged in order to prevent the girl from getting killed by a single strike.

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