Brave Pinoy confronts knife-wielding thief in Olongapo City

Brave Pinoy confronts knife-wielding thief in Olongapo City

- A resident of Olongapo City saw a young thief enter his home through his CCTV

- He then approached the thief, negotiating with him to exit his house and give him his knife

- It turned out that the thief entered the citizen’s home to hide from the authorities who were hunting him

A local resident in Olongapo City shared a video clip of his intense confrontation with a knife-wielding young thief hiding in his house last Saturday, January 7.


Brave Pinoy confronts knife-wielding Aeta thief in Olongapo City (Screenshot: Facebook)

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Based on his appearance in the video, the thief appeared to be an Aeta.

“Pinasok po kami ng magnanakaw... May dalang kutsilyo. Mabuti na lang nauna ko nang naaninag sa CCTV namin,” the netizen shared.

(A thief entered our home… He had a knife. Fortunately, I was able to catch a glimpse of him through our CCTV. )

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During their confrontation, the thief revealed that he was being hunted by the authorities. When the citizen tried to get his knife, the thief refused but gave in later after their negotiation.

The citizen added that he did not take the thief to the police station in order to avoid anyone in his house from getting hurt. He allowed the thief to go after exiting his compound and later brought the video to the authorities.

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Many netizens applauded the citizen for successfully protecting his home through a peaceful negotiation. However, other social media users commented that it would have been better if he called the police before approaching the thief because he could have gotten hurt if the thief was violent.

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