Hold-upper suffers heart attack during robbery

Hold-upper suffers heart attack during robbery

- A robbery with a bizarre twist was caught on CCTV

- While robbing a grocery store, the hold-upper suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack

- His female companion then left him alone to die in the store

An intense CCTV footage showing a male hold-upper suddenly suffering a fatal heart attack while robbing a grocery store has shocked the online community.

Hold-upper suffers heart attack during robbery (Screenshot: Facebook)

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The viral video shows the armed robber, along with a female companion, robbing the store and trying to empty the cash register.

However, the robber suddenly fell to the ground after suffering a heart attack in the middle of his crime.

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Her female companion tried to wake him up but to no avail. She then fled the scene along with the store employees and customers, leaving the hold-upper to die alone on the floor.

Many netizens expressed their shock at the CCTV footage.

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“Napaka pangit na katapusan naman iyan. Huli mong ginawa sa mundo ay nagnakaw at nanakot ng kapwa,” a netizen said.

(That is such a bad life ending. The last thing he did in this world is to rob and scare other people.)

Other social media users also commented about the hold-upper’s female companion who left him alone in the store while suffering a heart attack.

“Halatang walang pake sa kaniya kasi iniwan na lang siya ng babae na mamatay at hindi dinala sa ospital,” a social media user commented.

(Obviously, the woman did not care about her since she left him to die instead of bringing him to the hospital.)

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Check out another intense video below!

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