Mo Twister slams basher for poor English

Mo Twister slams basher for poor English

- DJ Mo Twister slammed a basher who commented on his post with poor English

- Mo screen captured the netizen's comments and posted it on his Instagram accoount

- Some netizens were not pleased withMo's shaming while others backed the DJ

DJ Mo Twister slammed a netizen who commented on his Instagram post about the appointment of Mocha Uson as a board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

Mo was one of those who reacted in the appointment of President Rodrigo Duterte's staunch supporter. The DJ criticized the news and he even posted a screen capture of an article's headline about the issue.

However, one netizen seemed offended by Mo's Instagram post and slammed the DJ in the comments section. Mo meanwhile noticed the poor English of the netizen and posted it on Instagram.


DJ Mo Twister

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Mo wrote in the caption:

"There's sooooo much to love about this! Check out this #dutertard @cai_ali and enjoy every second of it. 1st of all, the atrocious grammar and command of the language. This is best example of 'magtagalog ka na lang, dear.'"

"Secondly, after all those errors, the one she felt she needed to correct was the 'How about the you?' Lastly, and perhaps best of all, is her Instagram bio 'The Lord is my Salvation' She fits the #du30 profile perfectly! Pretends to be good but rotten to the core."

Some netizens was not pleased with Mo's basher-shaming while others backed the DJ.

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One Instagram user commented:

"Grabe ka naman.. eh ano naman kung wrong grammar? Emotional lang yung tao. Masyado kasing bastos yang mouth mo kaya bumalik lang sa'yo!"

Another netizen wrote:

"This girl is one of the many reasons why i believe that not all Filipinos should be given internet access."


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